Umut Fırat is an Anatolian Shaman, who practised with world-known master Shaman Durek (USA) for three years as his primary apprentice in Turkey. Umut Fırat is blending his 20 years of spiritual experience and technological background to guide people discover their highest potential in life and benefit shamanic healing practices.

Besides his workshops, rituals and private sessions, Umut Fırat is the founder chief of Kökler ve Dallar, a spiritual community organizing gatherings, retreats and trainings  in Turkey since 2016. He is also weekly Science & Technology columnist in Turkish media, Hürriyet Newspaper. He’s the co-author of the book: “Awakening: A Shaman In Turkish Lands” written by Shaman Durek Verrett.

Umut Fırat has been visiting Europe since 2017 for festivals, workshops, rituals and private sessions. Healing Festiüval (CZ), Samsara (HU), Global Chill Out (CZ), Everness Festival (HU) are amongst the public events he has done workshops and ceremonies. He also holds regular rituals and events in Budapest, Brno and Prague. Soon he will visit Germany and Holland for shamanic retreats and events.


Central Asia is one of the first regions on earth where shamanism has developed. Anatolian Turks whom migrated from Central Asia and Mongolia were shamans long before they accepted Islam as primary religion. After transformation, they have kept their shamanic traditions until today and blended the islamic teachings to form a unique and advanced way of belief system and philosophy, which is Sufism. 

Shamans were the first doctors, healers, teachers and mentors of the human race in ancient tribes. They’re ambassadors, perceiving life in multiple dimensions and work as a bridge between worlds. Today, shamanic wisdom and healing is coming back towards modern life in order to prepare humans of Earth to a higher level of consciousness.