Private Sessions

"Release the attachments, reset your system and reconnect with the spirit - this is the core of shamanic healing of one's soul." - Umut Fırat  

Private sessions take 1 or 1,5 hours. Longer healing journeys may take up to a whole day. Session titles mentioned below could be combined or applied separately. 

All sessions include smudging; aura cleansing with sacred herbal smoke.

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Toxic Energy Cleansing & Release

Your physical and spiritual body to be cleansed from toxic energy

Any time we find ourselves in difficult situations, conflicts, stressful, fearful or anxious situations, our system produce certain hormones that turn into low vibrational chemicals and negative energies. If not dismissed from the metabolism, it transforms into dark/toxic energy which is stored around and inside the organs, tissues, joints, etc. 

If you’re feeling constantly weak, anxious, tired, desperate, stressed and intolerant, chances are high that you're storing dark energy in your system. With the aid of healing spirits and shamanic breathing, this is a powerful technique to clean out negative vibrations from your metabolism.

This session is also being performed in healing circles with groups.

"Calling for you a new perception of life and a lively breath."

Channeled Guidance with Shaman Stones 

Receive the answers.

Stone reading is a sacred technique to guide people towards their true path. Each of 12 stones holds energy of various emotions and needs. The way you pick them and the order you make, translates into a message from your higher self and shaman interprets it for you. 

Channeled guidance with ‘Shaman Stones’ can bring you answers for your specific questions about your life, your plans, your relationships and decision-making needs. This session can also support you to discover the true direction of your life. 

You can demand reading for specific subjects and questions.

Soul Retrieval

Become a whole-self again

Since the ancient times shamans know that many illnesses one may experience is a result of this person's soul has been damaged and some part of it has lost.

Traumas, depressions, accidents, seperations and grief cause a terrific decrease in vibrations of your etheric body. Then some part of your etheric body is being ripped apart from the whole and gets isolated (lost) in subtle dimensions. Shaman's duty is to find this lost piece of soul and bring it back to it's owner. 

This healing session supports overcoming major difficult times in life. Helps to nourish life energy to build up a new will to live. 

Journey Therapy

Release your past  

Changing your perspective in life may resolve most of your issues. Taking you to a journey towards shamanic realms helps us to realize the reasons of the emotional blockages, conflicts in mind and past attachments. 

After that it's easier to push away the dark energy created by them and remove the blockages. With the support of spirit guides and channeling, you may receive useful information which would help to overcome obstacles and solve issues on your path.


Guidance for Purpose of Life

Your spirit is waiting for you to take action

Finding your true purpose in life is a key to tranquility. 

Give your life a meaning, which will drive you forward continuously. Live to achieve to your highest potential.  

If you're reading this and resonate, you're already awaking and getting ready to find your way out of the system... 

Work for fun and fulfillment, live for a purpose...

This is a series of sessions to inspire you for the discovery of your joyful way of life.